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Starting in Australia is a highly professional and focused firm, devoted to supporting foreign investors setting up in Australia. If you or a client is considering investing in Australia then you have found the right firm.

Starting in Australia is part of the Sheltons Group.

Our senior team members at Starting in Australia each have more than 25 years of experience in the tax, legal and business area. Terry Rooney’s 40 years of experience includes initial years with the Australian tax office in Canberra, and 18 years as a partner with Arthur Andersen and Deloitte in Australia. He has extensive experience in advising foreign businesses investing in Australia and is a member of the board of a number of substantial Australian subsidiaries of important non-Australian based groups.

Ned Shelton has degrees in Commerce and Law (University of New South Wales, Sydney) and has a background with Mann Judd and Arthur Andersen in Australia. Ned has also spent 25 years in working in international tax and business based in Europe, during which time he has been extensively involved with foreign businesses investing into Australia. Ned is well known in many countries throughout the world for his knowledge of international taxation and is a highly regarded international tax structuring specialist. The knowledge he has of corporate tax in countries around the world is possibly unique in Australia and this is often of great benefit to clients.

Apart from our technical knowledge and business expertise, we at Starting in Australia pride ourselves in introducing clients to our network of trusted and competent business partners throughout Australia and the region.

Starting in Australia is a completely independent owner-managed firm. We are not a member of any accounting or legal or other professional firm network. On the other hand we have a very extensive global network of contacts in the tax, legal and accounting world.

Our goal is to provide top quality professional services to foreign businesses investing in Australia – in particular with regard to the setting up and administration of the companies and branches in Australia, and advising thereon, as well as with regard to general business guidance and expertise, either on a consulting basis or as director.

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Australia has a very sophisticated legal system and the law is strictly administered. Detailed law exists in a wide range of areas, whether it be concerning the need to obtain government approval before making certain investments into Australia, the liability of directors and officers of Australian companies, compliance with the very extensive obligations under the Companies Act, income tax legislation, GST and PAYE law, the detailed restrictions on raising capital from investors, or any of the numerous other areas. Guidance by experienced professionals in these areas is essential.

Not only is there a vast array of law and regulations, but foreign-owned Australian businesses are confronted with special issues and regulations not relevant to locally owned business. Professional advisers in Australia working mostly with local clients are all too often not familiar with these special issues and regulations.

Some researchers have concluded that Australia is the most highly regulated of all developed countries.

Our goal at Starting in Australia is to use our extensive local experience and professionalism, and special expertise in assisting foreign investors in Australia, to assist clients doing business in Australia to ensure that the Australian company, branch or other entity is compliant with the law and that the owners can rest assured that there are no unwelcome surprises, whilst guiding the client along the most efficient route.

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