Australian Company Law

Did you know that many Australian companies never have to file financial statements with any government authority for public viewing? And that many Australian companies do not need to be audited? And that foreign-owned companies are treated differently in both respects?
Special rules apply to foreign-owned companies.

 Australia has extremely detailed and strictly enforced laws and regulations. There are in fact many tax, legal, accounting and investment consent rules that are different in the case of foreign-owned Australian companies compared to exclusively Australian-owned and operating companies. Unless the adviser has significant experience with foreign-owned Australian companies costly results are almost inevitable.

At Starting in Australia we specialise in advice to, and administration of, foreign-owned Australian entities. To this niche group, however, we offer the following broad range of services:

  • Advice concerning setting up of the business in Australia, including advice on

    – the legal form
    – regulations to be complied with
    – requirement as to shareholders, share capital, directors, company secretary
    – corporate governance
    – tax aspects
    – general business guidance
    – timing and
    – on costs

  • Advice and assistance with respect to investments in Australian property (real estate)
  • Company formation (incorporation) and registration of Australian branches
  • Providing the registered office, director(s) and the company secretary
  • Legal and company secretarial assistance on setting up the business
  • Bank account opening and administration
  • GST (i.e. sales tax / VAT equivalent) registration and administration
  • PAYG (i.e. PAYE / payroll) registration and administration
  • All levels of accounting (management accounting, statutory accounts)
  • On-going tax advice
  • Advice on determining which licenses and consents are needed and applying for these
  • Assistance with finding staff
  • Assistance with finding offices, warehouses, etc.
  • Assistance with the purchase and leasing of commercial and residential real estate
  • General business advice and assistance
  • Introductions to competent and trustworthy potential suppliers and business partners

As specialists in this area you are in safe hands.

The Starting in Australia team are awaiting your enquiry. Just reply to this email or write directly to Ned Shelton at:



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