Info on Services and Payments

Our range of services and assistance varies from one task to another. Every assignment we initiate is tailored for the individual client and a standard business cycle is therefore not applicable. The services and processes related to you as client is therefore arranged in direct agreement with us. We are dedicated to assist you with only the best possible guidance.

The arrangement of payments is conducted in agreement with us. This matter is again a subject to our range of services and therefore the variety of scenarios are differentiated from each other. The options are many and we are always prepared to meet your specific needs. Please make sure to forward the correct information if you are paying via our checkout section.

Starting in Australia is a registered company at the Australian Business Register. Our ABN is: 57 146 335 426

Starting in Australia is a proud member of Sheltons Group and our business arena is therefore influenced by the Group’s international business reach. Please submit the correct information in the checkout section if you are visiting to purchase one of the Sheltons-SITTI courses.

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