We at Starting in Australia are devoted to supporting foreign investors setting up in Australia – we are a sharply focused, independent firm, lead by very experienced Australian qualified professionals.

Apart from our technical knowledge and business expertise, we pride ourselves in our ability to introduce clients to our network of trusted and competent business contacts throughout Australia and the region.

Specifically, we offer the following services:

  • Initial advice concerning setting up a business in Australia (including advice regarding the best Australian legal form, regulations to be complied with, requirements as to shareholders, share capital, directors, company secretary, corporate governance, tax aspects, general business guidance, timing and costs) – as well as advice and assistance with respect to investments in Australian property (real estate)
  • Forming Australian entities – formation of unit trusts, limited partnerships and companies, and branch registration
  • Providing the registered office as well as the Australian resident public officer, director and company secretary
  • Legal and company secretarial assistance on setting up the Australian business
  • Bank account opening and administration
  • GST (i.e. sales tax / VAT equivalent) registration and administration
  • PAYG (i.e. PAYE / payroll) registration and administration
  • Company tax administration and compliance
  • All levels of accounting (management accounting, statutory accounts)
  • Liaising with auditors (including selection of the firm)
  • Ongoing tax advice
  • Assistance in determining which licenses and consents are needed and applying for these
  • Assistance with finding staff
  • Assistance with visas for foreign employees
  • Assistance with finding offices, warehouses, etc.
  • Assistance with the purchase and leasing of commercial and residential real estate
  • General business advice and assistance – and introductions to competent and trustworthy potential suppliers and business partners

Under ‘advice regarding best Australian legal form’, we make recommendations as to whether the best business form is one of the various forms of Australian company (a private or public company, a company limited by guarantee or a company with no limited liability, etc.), a unit trust, a limited partnership, an Australian branch, and so on.

As regards Australian tax advice we cover all Australian taxes, especially:

  • Corporate tax generally
  • Taxation of directors (foreign and Australian directors)
  • Taxation of Australian trusts including taxation of unit trusts
  • Australian withholding taxes
  • Taxation on the sale of shares in Australian companies
  • Taxation of non-residents generally
  • Taxation of Australian holding companies
  • Taxation of employees including Fringe Benefits Tax and salary structuring
  • Taxation of direct investment in Australian real estate, including residential and commercial property and investments in Australian agricultural land
  • All aspects of taxation under Australia’s double tax treaties
  • Customs and import duties
  • GST (Goods & Services Tax), including international GST issues
  • Carbon tax
  • Resources tax
  • Tax planning

Tax compliance covers attending to all legally reuired tax returns (tax declarations), for employee-related taxes, company taxes, GST, import duties, etc.

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