The $5m Visa (888); Australia as a holding company

Dear Clients and Contacts of Sheltons & Starting in Australia

There are two points concerning Australia that we wanted to draw to your attention.

  • Introduction of the Five Million Dollar Visa – the 888 Visa

Australia now has a so-called Migrant Investor visa, the 888 Visa. (Those of you who are familiar with China will understand what the primary target country is). It is available to all nationalities and, briefly stated, allows permanent residency if AUD 5,000,000 is invested in ‘complying investments’. AUD 5 m is approximately equal to USD 5m.

There are no conditions as to upper age or English language ability.

  • Australia as a holding company jurisdiction

Features: An extensive tax treaty network, a tax exemption on dividends received by the Australian holding company, a tax exemption on a gain on sale of foreign shares, no withholding tax on dividends paid to a foreign parent.

These features make Australia a competitive holding company jurisdiction. (The tax exemptions are of course subject to conditions).

Let us know if you would like to receive more information on either the 888 Visa or on Australia as a holding jurisdiction.

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